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We are now accepting a limited number of new members to our collective from San Bernadino, Orange and Riverside counties. Before we can provide you access to our fine medical-grade cannabis, herb and vitamin products, California state law guidelines require SB420 Meds to verify that a licensed physician has issued a valid recommendation for medical cannabis use in your name and that it is current. (If you are not a patient, but think you might qualify and would like to contact a physician, see the Physician Locator link on our Home page.)

Get started now by simply designating SB420 Meds as your primary caregiver by completing and submitting the form below. Upon receipt of your information, we will quickly verify your prescription and register you as a collective member. All information will be encrypted and kept strictly confidential.

You must be 21 years old or older in order to be a collective member.

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Welcome to SB420 Meds!         

        We are a group medical cannabis patients who have gathered to form a collective under the guidelines of California state law.*  Our commitment is to provide needed services to our medical marijuana community.  As a home delivery dispensary for our collective members, we provide convenient, discreet and safe access to cannabis products, natural herbal and vitamin products as well as information and counseling about those products.

        We offer natural herbs and vitamin products to help our collective achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles.   We see it as our responsibility to constantly provide information resources to assist members in making intelligent choices when using the products accessible through us.  We gladly share our knowledge, opinions and experiences.

       Many of our collective members believe in the benefits to their well-being provided by the combination of natural herbs, vitamins, and cannabis products.  Our collective is a pioneer in our community.  Members of the collective realize the benefits of the SB420MedsPak.  The life enhancing combination of herbs and vitamins in each different MedsPak compliment the various cannabis products available here.  These combinations were compiled from various collective member's experiences over the years who have striven to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle.

       You will never be disappointed with our cannabis products.   We ask for your donations in order to share the costs of cultivation and preparation, as well as for services rendered in order to provide cannabis products to medical marijuana patients.   We operate on a not-for-profit basis.


  • Physician Locator - List of California Physicians
  • California NORML Website - Cannabis news and information
  • ASA-Americans for Safe Access - Cannabis news and information
  • Medical Marijuana Pros & Cons - Forum - Check out the History Of ... link
  • Beginner's guide to growing Marijuana - Helplful information to start your own garden
  • Legal References - Contacts for legal counsel
  • Need information about a caregiver? - Here is a helpful website.*
  • 60 Minutes News 'Pot Shops' - The war continues to provide medical cannabis to patients.
*1  -SB420 Meds does not recommend, stand behind, or support any services or companies mentioned on the website.  We have provided the link only as a search tool.
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SB420 Meds

Phone:  951-742-1829

Email: [email protected]

Deliveries made:

 Mon.-Fri. : 10am - 7pm    Sat./Sun. : 12pm - 7pm.

Verification of Doctor's prescription must be made before delivery.  Valid California ID or California Driver's license is required at time of delivery.

*We follow and operate under the guidelines set forth in the laws of the State of California, specifically Prop.215 and SB420.

Patients must be 21 or older.